Monday, March 4, 2013


I used to want to be a meteorologist. Not the weatherman on TV sort, though. I wanted to be the one studying with the NOAA and trying to discern what Mother Nature has up her sleeve. Well, obviously I didn't go that route. However, thanks to those who did, we got tipped off that a terrible storm was brewing for all along I-40 and I-44. Therefore, instead of leaving for Albuquerque on Tuesday as originally planned, we departed at 5AM on Sunday. This turned out to be a great idea as we hit near blizzard conditions about 50 miles east of Albuquerque. This slowed us down quite a bit, but it was much better than being unable to leave Joplin altogether, as that night they closed I-40 and I-44 and didn't reopen it until sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday, in some spots.

One of the first things I did when we got to town was call Verizon and leave a message with HR explaining that we had got to town early due to the imposing weather. I told them I would like to see if my assessment and interview could be scheduled for earlier in the week. Well, Monday they called back. They told me they had me marked as a no show for my assessment the previous Wednesday. After a little discussion, it was determined that there was a little miscommunication, and they got me scheduled for my assessment that afternoon. I went, waited, took it, and passed. I thought this was great, and that I would get to have an in person interview right then, since it was only about 3:45. But I was wrong. I would have to wait until Wednesday morning for another phone interview, then if I passed that I would get an in person interview as soon as possible. I more or less begged them to get the phone interview sooner, but to no avail. Thankfu8lly I did well enough on the phone interview that they scheduled me for an in person interview that evening. I drove out there and met with one of the night supervisors. He did another 45 minute interview, then gave me a tour of the facility. One word: Huge. Then they told me that I had to wait until Monday for the result of whether or not they would extend a job offer.

This waiting period (and lengthy interview process) seemed to be an annoyance. This waiting until Monday  caused us to not be able to put in an application for a great three bedroom two bathroom townhouse that we found. Only three miles from the call center, it was also in a great location in the community. Not only did waiting until Monday cause a hitch in finding a place, but it meant we couldn't celebrate with our family and friends there. However, in the end I think it was more of a growth period, as we had to remember to be patient and trust that God has the best in mind. As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

Which brings me to my next point: Today, Monday. Do you remember that movie with the two dogs and the cat trying to get home from the family vacation? Homeward Bound? Yeah, well, I got the job offer!  All my years of pushing through college, getting married, and adopting our son, and I finally get to return to the Southwest. Then, even better news, the townhouse wasn't taken yet! So I got my little brother, Kirk, to act as a courier, and he delivered the application, fee, and job offer letter. Shortly after they called and said we were approved, but we had to hurry as there was another family looking at the townhouse. I quickly wired Kirk the money for the deposit and he speedily took it to them, for a successful sealing of the deal! Written down, this doesn't seem nearly as suspenseful as it did as we were putting everything together, but that is how it happened nonetheless.

Finally, as everything is now confirmed, we will be exiting Joplin on April 5th. If you live here and would like to see us prior to departure, we are planning to have an open house at our apartment two Sundays from now on March 17th. Please feel free to contact us via any means you have (including email or leaving a comment on the blog.)

We love you all, and will miss you greatly. Thank you again for following us on our journey, and thank you even more if you plan to continue following along as I switch the URL in a few weeks to
Grace and peace,
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