Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This week I began the process of preparing part of our backyard for a garden. Last night (Monday) I dug up about 50 square feet of dry ground. By dry ground, I mean that as I soaked one end and moved to the other and back again, the end I started on was dry by the time I got back to it. As my family used to garden in our backyard when we were younger, I was familiar with this situation. The only cure for this was going to be lots of TLC (and even more water!) However, even with how dry it was, there were glimpses of life possibilities in the ground as I dug it up. Small patches of potting soil appeared as I slowly turned the hardened topsoil. In the coming weeks (and months), as I mix in more potting soil and give more water and as we plant the seedlings, hopefully even more life will come to this "dry and weary land where there [was] no water." (Ps 63:1)

Similarly to our backyard, as I get resettled in Albuquerque, my eyes are opened in a different way than they were as a child. I see such broken, hardened souls. They are a valley of dry bones, skeletons going about their business, with no real purpose or direction other than survival and "happiness." Yet, every once in awhile, if you spend time with them, you can see glimpses of life. However, to see full life and happiness, these bones need to be watered as well. The difference is I can only bring them to the water, it is up to them to ask Him who has the water for a drink. (John 4:1-26) Living water from Him who promised the abundant life is the only fix, for them and for me. Yes, I am still coming alive. Sin has hardened my soul in many ways just as much as the next person, and I need that Water as much as they do.

Now, while most of my readers are believers and won't question this, some of you are not believers. I know you won't accept that Jesus is the source of true happiness. However, I have walked on both sides of the line, and know the answer is Jesus. Not just in name, but in deed as well. As in, I serve and love others because I was first loved and served and now know how. I don't always do it perfectly, but I do attempt it and would urge you to try to do likewise. First, try to follow him as a moral teacher. See how his way improves your life. Then, perhaps he will take you further, and you will experience living water.

For the time being, I will be gardening, in more ways than one.
Much love.

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