Monday, July 8, 2013

Audience Participation Wanted

As your situation in life changes, sometimes how you communicate and stay in touch with others does as well. For instance, about a year and a half ago, I quit Facebook. As you may remember, this stemmed in part due to marriage, ministry, and minimalism. However, as we have moved away from Joplin and many of our close friends have moved overseas, communication simply via email has become increasingly difficult. While studies show email still brings in the most bucks in terms of marketing, I have definitely noticed a rather stark difference in the amount of interactions I have now compared to then. I say this all to say I am considering reneging on my anti-Facebook decision. Therefore, I'm asking your opinion, as our (hopefully)  faithful readers! Should I rejoin Facebook? If I did, would you attempt to interact with me more? Please leave a comment or email us to let me know.

In other news, we are still searching for a Body in which to be a part. We've been to several, even one that seemed really healthy. We just want to find a church where our degrees in missions can be utilized, and where we feel like the leadership would want them to be utilized. Not only that, but it'd be nice to find a church that's not offensive. (I don't mean in the Jesus confronting the religious leaders type offensive.)
We went to one yesterday that we liked. Due to my schedule, we had to leave early. However, we noticed a few things. 1)The music wasn't boring, but it was also meaningful. 2)The preaching was a little dry, but it was solid teaching. 3)It was a good size sanctuary, but it definitely was not extravagant, and certainly didn't feel like a concert, as a few of the churches we tried have. We will try again next week, and hopefully it will be a good fit. (Yes, we realize that sometimes a fit has to be made.)

As for a fit with outreach, I slowly am thinking I'm here to outreach to athletes. Specifically, I believe I'm to show Christ to road cyclists and indoor rowers. As a cyclist, I have a natural fit at the bike shop. I've become friends with the owners and they've even introduced me to some of their friends. I'm not positive, but I believe many of the cyclists I've met are not followers. As I become friends with them more, I hope to show Christ to them. As a rower, I'm trying to figure a few things out. Mainly, humility. I feel this is the best way for me to display Christ to my trainers and the others because I set an American record at the end of last month for the five kilometer row. (Yes, I've decided that shameless plug is okay, because false humility is just as bad as real pride.) 

Anyway, we'd love to hear from all of you. Please feel free to drop us a line so we can keep up!
Grace and Peace
The Mitchells


M. Cecil Dietz said...

Don't do it man. Stay strong and don't give in. Use G+ if you must, but don't go back to the 'book.

Karl said...

Haha, I've thought about that too. It's so hard to decide...

Anonymous said...

Silly boy - you know about me and FB --- but since we see you every week, your being on FB isn't a big issue (though you are certainly missing some of my good postings...).

And we are very proud of your rowing record. Dad said last night that one of the guys who used to row has been spreading your accomplishment around work...

Sometimes it takes awhile to find your niche. You just have to be open to where God is leading. And, be aware that your niche might change periodically.

Also be open to helping Casey find her niche, too.

Love you all!


Karl said...

Thanks mom,
Well we're going to the gym today, so we'll see if I can beat it again.
We think Desert Springs might be where we belong for the time being.
Love you