Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Audience vs Network

First off, thank you to all you who responded with feedback to the last update! Unfortunately, you are all a very conflicting bunch. If you then add my conflicting interests about Facebook, you definitely have a mess. So, too err on the side of caution, I am deciding to remain absent from Facebook. I would like to delve into part of what helps convince me this is the right choice, for the time being.

In the last update, I believe I betrayed a bit of myself and my desires in the simple act of writing the title. Honestly, I was trying to be funny and attention grabbing (which seemed to work, as that post received the most replies of any previously sent out.) Yet on a different side, I believe as I titled it "Audience Participation Wanted," I provided within that an answer to whether or not I should rejoin. You see, as I thought more about that title and the responses I received, I realized I wouldn't be using it for a network. Aside from email and my phone, I hardly even have time for networking, at least the way in which Facebook works. Surely, I would reply whenever someone messaged me or wrote on my wall (or whatever Facebook calls it now.) Yet that can only go so far. If someone wants to message me, most people already have my email.

So how would I be utilizing my Facebook? Well, obviously as a way to give out info on what we are doing in life. Posting stati, updates, and pictures. However, to what end and for what means? I'm not so much concerned about to what end, as that is to keep you and other friends connected with us. What I am more worried about is for what means. As many of you know, I am a perfectionist and an over-achiever (albeit a lazy one at times.) Therefore, I thrive not only on knowing I went above and beyond and did it perfectly, but also on knowing that I am recognized and am being given affirmation. In other words, I am in need of an audience and applause. Yes, it can be a very useful tool. In fact, one of the reasons I really want to rejoin is because I've thought about doing fundraising rides, such as the Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life. For those, having a larger network (or audience), would be extremely useful. Due to that, I am still hesitant, and may sometime rejoin. I have been told if that is my main goal, to use it as fundraising, I could just convert my profile to a page, which would also help with a few of the other reasons for initially leaving.

So now that I've waxed on about my (current) final decision, a few last bits. First - We felt drawn to going back to one of the churches we first tried. Right now it doesn't have all the types of ministries we'd like, but we just feel drawn to it (and the people who make it.) Second - I'm almost done with training at work! Next week should be my last week of it, and then I'll be let loose finally. Third - stay tuned for next update. I plan on addressing my recent study into women preachers and teachers.
Grace and peace,

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