Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Miles and Life to the Fullest

I don't think I realized I hadn't posted anything recently until about a week ago. By that time, it seemed pointless as I was planning to post as soon as the month was over. However, due to the absence I do apologize. Now while I did forget to post, I did not forget to continue riding. My Bike-a-thon is now complete, with both September and now October done. For this month, the mileage donations will be going toward Lance and Tara Schaubert as they raise funds to work with the artistic community of Brooklyn. The breakdown goes as such: Longest distance (no century this time!): 41.3; Commuting: 143.2; Total: 412.2. I do really appreciate your continuing support not only of us, but of our friends as well. In the spring, when it stops averaging under 50F, I plan to do the Bike-a-thon again.

Similarly to last month, I didn't want to just post the mileage and leave it at that. A verse that has encouraged and confused me all at the same time is John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." The thought of having an abundant life has always been intriguing to me. In turn I would ask how to get it. The simple Sunday School answer is of course "Jesus!" However, as true as that is, the implications are far from easy to understand. As you know, I've dealt a lot with identity issues over the years. I've attempted to make (potential) occupations or (current) hobbies into who I am, rather than me being a child of God as who I am. Therefore, this verse is all the more important to me as I long for more meaning and purpose in my life than sitting at a desk answering phone calls all day. (While I am extremely thankful for the job and the benefits that come from it, it is far from fulfilling.) In light of this I have tried deciding how to live abundantly. I have decided for my personality that primarily is succeeded in moments of adrenaline. For example, racing down a hill on a longboard, down a mountain on a road bike or up a cliff with no safety gear make me feel alive not only because my heart is racing. Rather, I also feel alive because I'm utilizing talents I've been given. 

Yet is this what Jesus meant? Did he just mean heart racing and skill using as the abundant life? What if he meant more? I believe that he did. It seems he also would mean doing something that overflows for your life to the lives of others, in a changing way. That's one of the reasons I try to cycle as much as I can. I know that the more I cycle, the more cyclists I will meet and in turn the more lives I can potentially impact and to which I can be salt and light. However, I don't want to have the life changing part to just be a minor part of my week, let alone day. That's why as I have moved from one job (or hobby) to the next, I am constantly looking for more purpose, or shall I say, abundance. Clearly I would love for my family to go into global outreach. However, that doesn't look anywhere near our future. 

For now, Casey and I are both searching for fulfilling and outpouring occupations. I think her idea for herself is great. She wants to have a children's bookstore. This would be wonderful in terms of how much she loves books and children. It would be truly abundant for her. For myself, I am still trying to figure it out. While I would love to become a pro-cyclist, I highly doubt that will happen. So we keep searching and praying for something more than mundane customer service (even if the company has won JD Powers for it four years in a row.) If you have any input, please, by all means, comment or email. 

Grace and peace, 

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