Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Year

Last week was Dante's one year adoption birthday. While we had him for about eight months previous to the finalization, that day brought a huge relief. Since then we have continued trying to figure everything out. Just like any new parents, we're still figuring out communication, discipline, activities, and now, most importantly, potty training. Roller coaster would definitely be a good way to describe parenting. Not only that, but as I continue working the night shift, we've decided to adopt a (large) puppy! I'll let Casey explain TS Eliot. Obviously that threw another hitch in things, but it's been good for Dante to have someone with whom to go crazy. This past year with Dante has also continued helping me understand God's love for us as our Father. Dante may misbehave or not do something correctly (or, efficiently), but I still love him immensely and would do anything for him. 

In this time, as you know we have gone through many transitions. Last February I became a quarter of a century old (yes, that also means yesterday I became even older!) Then in March, I got hired by Verizon Wireless and we moved to Albuquerque in early April. (For future reference, I do not recommend doing the moving/driving yourself unless you have no other option.) We spent a few months acclimating, especially as I was going through training. In August I got my road bike which we decided would not only be used for commuting, but also for assisting with different fundraising efforts. You may remember in fall when I did a Bike-a-thon for Ethan and Audrey Greer and Lance and Tara Schaubert. That was a good experience, and I hope it encouraged you to get involved with either them or someone else going into the ministry. In October, Dante officially became two, which of course has it's ups and downs (thank God for enunciation!) In November we got to spend Thanksgiving with Casey's family. That, of course, had the harrowing ice storm that we survived. In December, Casey and I had our 3rd anniversary (which we got to celebrate in early January at a really nice restaurant thanks to some generous friends.) Lastly, in part because of a bad experience with a supervisor and in part because of wanting a more fulfilling life, I ended up getting rejected from a career possibility. 

Written down in this form, it doesn't seem like much happened, but Casey and I can both attest that it was definitely an intense year with all the changes. So this year, I've got some goals (not resolutions.) The first is better time management so I can make sure to spend more time with Casey and Dante. The second is to do at least 3000 miles on my bike, between commuting, weekly rides, and fundraising rides. So far, I'm looking at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Memorial Ride and Tour de Cure (Diabetes) in May, In September will be the Tour of the Rio Grande Valley that I did last year, as well as the Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life. Finally, October should end with the Day of the Tread. Next year, I may consider actually doing races. However, this is how I feel I am supposed to utilize my talents at this time. Finally, Casey and I have agreed to do our best to be content with where we are for the time being, in terms of house, job, and more. We'd like to challenge you to do so as well.

Thanks for reading, and let us know how everything is going with you!


Mom said...

One of these days, things will settle down. I can say that now having an empty nest house. You all are doing a wonderful job with Dante and God is with you every step of the way - or roll of the wheel! We love you!

jeffreydaniel said...

it's good to hear you share your journey-the struggle and triumphs. Nice to hear about your learning and growing. We can identify with the transitions, though our are much different and without child! God bless your family.