Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring is Coming

Last update, I mentioned Casey and I were agreeing to be content with our current sitz im leben. So the irony wasn't lost on us when I stumbled across two ministry positions that seemed to pull rather heavily on me. Seeing them as possible doors I applied, waited, and then received answers. Both answers "no," but we're okay with that. Verizon is taking care of us for now and is actually allowing us to also take more care of our friends through matching gift donations. (I encourage you to check with your HR to see if your company has a similar policy.) Thankfully, we've also been allowed to stay content with our housing as our landlord finally got the owner's approval for repairing a roof leak that we've been trying to get fixed for three months.

So as we stay here (at this job, in this house), we are looking for more ways to get involved either with the church and/or the Church. Casey is continuing to do Sunday School for the 3-5 year old kids at church. Due to my schedule and not getting home until midnight Saturdays, I have had to stop doing the morning setup. Instead I've been preparing to taking over the roadie scheduling at church. Not only that, I've been doing studies on soup kitchens, because I've wanted to get involved in one of those for a while now. Before I do so though, I've been re-reading When Helping Hurts. I first read it for one of my missions classes at Ozark, but now I'm reading it to remind myself of best practices, etc. If your church has domestic or global outreach, this is definitely a challenging book to use.

In regard to personal life, Dante recently had his two year molars come through. They say that most adults don't have the pain threshold to cope with molars. Not sure why that is, but we were thankful when they were done. Casey has continued doing a great job of not only teaching Dante, but also Eliot. As the weather has been warming up we have been enjoying morning bike rides together as a family before I head to work. As a couple, Casey and I have decided something of importance was regular dates. We rearranged our budget, and were able to set aside enough to have 1 or 2 dates a month. Since starting, we've been much closer. If you don't do that, as a Christian or non-Christian couple, you should do it.

For now, that's it. Please let us know how you are! We love hearing from our friends from around the country/globe!
Grace and peace,
Karl for the Mitchells

PS: A quick blurb that I promised for a great band. They're called Page CXVI, based on when Aslan sang creation into existence. I've been following them since they started releasing modern versions of hymns (which I highly recommend). Recently they've been working on a series based on the church calendar. Next week, March 4th, they'll be releasing an album called Lent to Maundy Thursday. You can check out a preview of it on YouTube and then buy it on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Check them out and maybe spread the word to your worship team.

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