Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Norovirus and Slacktivism

In case you're wondering, the two are not related. However, to start off with the more pertinent one, I have caught what's called the norovirus. Basically a stomach bug similar to influenza except more severe. Casey and Dante both may have also caught it, so please pray that we get better quickly. When our 2 year old nephew caught it, he had to go to the ER. Thank God for gifted doctors who make medicine to help alleviate symptoms, but thank Him even more that he is a true healer.

Now that has been covered, you may have heard the term slacktivism before. It's a combination of slacking and activism. Examples of slacktivism would be reposting petitions, articles, etc for a cause without putting much more effort into them. Basically slacktivism is activism that doesn't cost you anything. (Think Bonhoeffer and cheap grace.) I fully admit, I have done it in the past. Signing petitions and reposting articles about how we need to stop human trafficking are just two I have done. However, after some conviction from the Spirit, we've decided to step it up. As I've mentioned before, instead of entering races this year, I will be entering rides. The first is May 3rd and benefits the APD Chaplains Unit and is the 100 km New Mexico Law Enforcement Ride. If you'd like to donate $0.50-1 per mile (67), that'd be great. The next is the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure. This will be on May 31 and funds go toward diabetes research. This is definitely important as many of our family and friends are affected by it. If you click that link, you can donate. It shows my goal currently is $500, but really I'm aiming for over $1000. Please help me reach that, even if it's just $10-20!

What's the point of this? Well, we are told to love God and love our neighbors. This is definitely one of those feasible ways. Yes, we are called to rescue the lost and share Jesus with them. However, just like at work if I don't fix the caller's initial problem, they are much less likely to listen to any further suggestions I make. How do you care holisitically for your neighbors? I urge you to look for any way you can, but don't spread yourself too thin and make your activism worthless. Choose two or three, and go for them.

Much love and thanks for the healing prayers and support,
Karl for the Mitchells

PS Ethan and Audrey Greer raised all their support and as of a few weeks ago, they are now residing in Osaka. Lance and Tara Schaubert are closing in on their goal for moving to New York.

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