Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brief April Update

I'm currently mulling over a post focused on Matthew 7:3-5. However, I have only got a short bit lined out so I'll send that out once I'm done. For now, thank you for your prayers regarding the Norovirus. It ended up taking us all out for about a week. I would definitely recommend avoiding it like the plague. Now we're just dealing with relentless allergies....

Dante and I have been doing approximate 15 mile rides every other day in preparation for my May century rides. All three of us also drove to Santa Fe via the route I will be riding. Casey actually wrote about it here, complete with pictures! Speaking of the rides, I currently have a donor will match up to $200 of donations for the Tour de Cure ride. Please consider giving so your gift will be multiplied and more research can be done.

Related to donations, as mentioned last time, our friends Ethan and Audrey made it to Japan and are settling in. Similarly, our friends Lance and Tara are honing in on the final percentage points of support as well the final details. If you could, pray that their apartment application that Lance put in gets approved! If all goes well, their budget might also be able to be lowered.

Lastly, Page CXVI is releasing their final Church Calendar album, Good Friday to Easter. If you click that last link, you can stream the whole album for free! It's pretty powerful and as always they do an excellent job at re-imagining the classic hymns. I strongly recommend you telling your worship ministers about it. They'll be releasing it on Tax Day; I mean April 15!

That's all for now folks so let us know how we can pray for you!
Karl for the Mitchells

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