Monday, July 21, 2014

Mid-summer Update

It's been over two months since we last talked. How are things? I hope they are well. For us, life has had some curve balls as of late. Last we spoke, I had just finished the metric century. I was in the process of finishing fundraising for the Tour de Cure (hit $1000 goal, by the way!). That full century was hot without a cloud in sight. However, I finished first! Again, not like it matters since it's for charity, but I was happy with the result. Three days after that, we did a 2200 mile, 10 day trip to see friends in Joplin, Casey's family in St. Louis, and my family in Amarillo. We loved seeing everyone, though it was absolutely exhausting being on the road that long. When we visit for Christmas, we are definitely flying!
Aside from the century, I had previously mentioned an in-store interview. Unfortunately, I did not get accepted for that position. However, I did start looking for other positions... in other areas. We were considering relocating near St. Louis, because of Dante's eczema and a few other reasons. Sad to say, this past week we had a dental emergency that used up a majority of the fund set aside for moving. We have taken that as a sign of God reminding us of our commitment to contentment earlier this year. In this regard, I am also wrestling with a desire to do my first official cycling race versus following the contentment with charity rides through to next year.
Whatever I decide, I must do so quickly. The race (actually two races, as it is a time trial series) is this Sunday and next. If I decide against that, I know I will do October's Day of the Tread. I have mentioned before possibly doing one for Cystic Fibrosis and also a repeat of the one I did last fall. However, unless someone donates a huge chunk of change so I can do them, those two will not be occurring regardless. Related, I am going to ask that for the month of August you once again consider pledging to donate or otherwise support a family of missionaries. While I don't know them personally, a friend does and was the one that showed me their ministry plans for Ireland. The two couples that you helped with last year, the Greers and the Schauberts, are now both to their respective cities of Osaka and Brooklyn.  Will you consider helping this new family, Craig and Shelby Shady with the Celtic Christian Mission.
Finally, a deep question: When is the last time you truly considered the cost of following Jesus? I know the cost after death is huge if you don't. I know that I personally can't fathom existence if it weren't for Him. However, in terms of actually following Him, have you thought of the full cost? It's a tough question. I'd like your thoughts.
Much love,
Karl for the Mitchells

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Christie said...

Tough question indeed. :) I always think of Abraham and Isaac and realize that I'm not willing to give all. But I like to think that one day I will be willing, if I keep trying to live by His will. I mean, what more can we give than our will.