Thursday, August 21, 2014

Emergency Rooms and Adjustments

The past two weeks have been trying. As you may have seen on Facebook (Yes, ICYMI, I am back on Facebook, here) on August 9th, we had to go to the ER. Casey had severe abdominal pains while I was at work. I rushed home (my bike was in the shop that day so I drove), and my wife was surrounded by four very large firefighters. There was a machine that was the size of 1980's boombox hooked up to her checking her heart and other vitals. Thankfully, her cardiovascular system appeared fine. However, they still recommended we head to the ER. Since it didn't appear to them to be life threatening, while they offered to take her by ambulance, they didn't require it. We got ready and headed off to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, since it was 4:45 pm, it was about 10 mph under the speed limit. We got to the hospital finally and started the long process of filling out paperwork around 5:15. They then asked us to have a seat and wait to be called in. We had forgot to grab food before leaving, so I walked to the grocery store across the street with Dante after waiting for about 30 minutes. When we got back to the hospital about 20 or so minutes later, Casey had been called back to an exam room. However, more waiting ensued and soon enough it was past 7 pm. We contacted a friend of the family who agreed to meet me at our house to babysit Dante while we finished. I got back to the hospital around 8:15. A few tests came back negative, so they asked us to get a CT scan. That took another 20 minutes, but then the results took 45 minutes. The doctor (or nurse practitioner) came in, and explained the results. A small ovarian cyst was the most likely cause of the pain. So, after being there since 5:15, we checked out at 11:15. Unfortunately, we had a few more doctor appointments to see to verify what type of cyst and what possible treatments. At this point we now know it is a hemorrhagic cyst, approximately 3 cm wide. It should reabsorb eventually. For the time being though, we could really use some prayer. It and possibly a virus are causing major nausea for Casey. Since I just started training for a tech support position at work I am unable to stay home to help out. (On that note, praise God that even though it is a rather unfulfilling job, the insurance is fantastic. We only had relatively minor copays for all the tests done.)

On a much less serious note, regarding my cycling goal: while my bike was in the shop for a tune up (and some part replacements), I was doing some pricing on intermediate bikes. I had originally set a goal for $25,000 which would include a $3500-5000 bike. However, after discussing with the bike shop and doing some further research, I believe a suitable intermediate bike will be doable for around $1500. Also, I have narrowed the goal down to a total of $5500, which should get me through the first 2-3 years of racing. This does include modifying and adding some support levels, so please check them out at As I desire for this to be a full time ministry in the future, reaching out to cyclists on all levels, I see this much lower goal and first few years as a sort of cycling ministry internship. Again, would you please pray and consider partnering on this?

Thank you for following along with us!
Grace and peace,
Karl for the Mitchells

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