Monday, August 4, 2014

Facebook and Cycling

To start, as you may know, about two and half years ago I quit Facebook. As recounted just over a year ago, I actually considered returning as a way of keeping in touch. However, due to mixed opinions I decided to hold off a bit longer. Now, though, Casey and I have talked about it and decided it is within reason for me to rejoin. (Find me here!) For one, we are a few years in to our marriage at this point. Second, I have decided how I will use it, and have been keeping to it. (In a much less time wasting manner than previously.) Before I explain that use, I will first go into a quick mention of the pledge request I made a few weeks ago in my Mid-Summer Update. I had asked for you to pledge your dollars for my mileage for the month to go Celtic Christian Mission and the family of Craig and Shelby Shady. Well, after I wrote that, monsoon season kicked into full swing here in Albuquerque. I had aimed to start the month off right with an 85 mile solo ride up Sandia Peak and back to our house. Unfortunately that ended up not only with rain but plenty of lightning. Now, I can be crazy, but I'm not stupid enough to go up a 10,000 foot mountain on a bike in a lightning storm. So I'm postponing that ride until next week, with a better forecast, at least for my day off. According to almost every weather app/site that I look at, the next few weeks will have plenty more rain and lightning. So, I ended up breaking out the rollers and doing a 40 minute interval training on them with the help of the Global Cycling Network. However, as the mileage isn't exact when on rollers, I'm not counting that. In return, I will be asking for you to consider donating an amount based on my mileage for September rather than August.

As for the exact use of Facebook: While I am being content for the time being, at my job and on my bike doing charity rides, I also intend to be strategic for the future. So strategic that I've decided to go for the dream with the support of the community. You may have heard about the guy that somehow managed to raise over $50,000 to make the perfect potato salad recipe. Crazy, right? Well, using that as an inspiration, I decided to start a GoFundMe project to GetKarlRacing. You see, I and others believe I have the ability to go pro. Unfortunately, as I am still in a low level position at work, I definitely do not have the funds coming in to pay for it myself. so I'm asking friends (and strangers) to help me out. Now, you may think this is ridiculous for a few reasons. The one objection I do want to go after is this. "Why would you mention this on this blog/update?" Well, simply put, Jesus. Just like any group of athletes, cyclists are a niche that is very hard to get into, unless you're one of them. Now, while I have met and continue to meet non-followers as a regular rider, I want to go further. I want to use my talents to introduce Jesus to the elites. The nice thing is that once I advance far enough (hopefully within three years), I will have an official sponsor and it will be self-sustaining. However, until then, I need your help. Just like our missionary friends all around the world, this is my "one time" fundraising. Sure, I'll still be at Verizon Wireless or some other day job (or rather, night job as that is my current shift) until it's self-sustaining. But that's fine. If it takes awhile for an official sponsor and team to pick me up, that's also fine. I plan to join ranks with the Christian Cycling community, and start conversations that way. Will you join in? It's only been a week and so far I've got an anonymous donation of $50! If you want to help me with my dream of furthering the Kingdom in cycling, donate here. (And please share with anyone you know!)

For now, that is all.
Karl for the Mitchells

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