Monday, March 23, 2015

Little Faith, Big Leap

Don't worry, this one won't be a theological bomb like last month's post. Speaking of which, sorry to leave you hanging for almost four weeks. I unfortunately have not had much of a chance to read all of the recommended reading...or even a fraction of it. I've been trying to beta read a friend's novel for him, but have been taking forever on that as well. However, a moment before I move on from the topic (last week, if you don't remember, was brought on by the beliefs of Julian and other Romans.) While I have read bits of the Patristics regarding counters to Julian, Celsus, et al, for me the clearest answer comes from a few scenes from Jesus' life. The greatest of such is John 20:28, where Thomas declares to Jesus "My Lord and my God!". For me (and countless scholars), two main takeaways are found here. First, we have a monotheistic Jew declare another human to be his God. Second, Jesus does not reject the title or the worship. Many times throughout the first and second testaments we see angels and humans asking people to stop worshipping them. (Considering what happens to Herod Agrippa in Acts 12:23, this is wise of them to do so.) From this passage alone, my heart and mind are at ease.

Being at ease brings me to the next part of this post: having little faith while trying to make a huge leap. As mentioned a few times previously, we are looking to relocate to the Seattle area, for health and other reasons. Well, originally I was going to give an update via this post, explaining how I was struggling to have faith that it would happen. As of yesterday, I now have four interview requests! So, as I mentioned on Facebook, God rocked my world with my little faith. I might be stretching it, but I believe He may have wanted me to admit my lack of faith just so He can have two calls and two emails come throughout the day. I have already been extended an offer for bike courier and valet. I have accepted the valet position, but we would like to have an actual full time job as well. However, with those four interviews in place (and one other, for a staffing agency), we feel confident the trip we are doing soon will be fruitful. With that in mind, I would love for you to all pray heavily as we await offers or other interviews. The trip we are going on is ten days of job and apartment hunting. We will depart Albuquerque for Boise, ID on the 6th and finish Boise to Seattle on the 7th. We will remain in Seattle until the 14th and return. Thankfully one of our friends has agreed to house (and cat) watch the entire time we will be gone.

As mentioned, I was originally planning to write about how I was not having much faith. I was worried about being bad stewards and blowing money on what could end up just being a ten day family road trip. If you're in a similar situation, I would challenge you to admit your lack of faith, and try moving forward anyway. I cannot guarantee a similar faith growing experience. However, it doesn't hurt to try. God is a Father, as Matthew 7:7-11 reminds us. I believe we have been praying and asking God for a few months now, and since we finally took a step, He may be happily lavishing on us. 

Much love,
Karl for the Mitchells

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