Monday, October 12, 2015

St. Louis

Just over four months ago I wrote about how we had been in the Pacific Northwest for a month. As you may have heard, we have relocated once more to the St. Louis area. The reasons are many, but this post is not to discuss them. Rather, I wanted to hash out my feelings on trip itself. We drove approximately 2100 miles over three days, being on the road about 38 hours. Aside from a few hours where I traded driving the box truck with my dad, I had quite a bit of alone time in which to think about the move (not to mention theological quandaries.) One thing I thought about was how I dislike incomplete analogies. In light of that, I will address the move from two different angles.

First, I absolutely hated the drive. The truck was limited to 75 mph, which is pretty good for a box truck. However, if I tried that our fuel economy would drop to about 6 mpg. Therefore, in the interest of saving a hundred dollars or so, I attempted to stay around 60-65 mph the whole way. Which, over 2100 miles, is a significant increase in hours. However, the scenery was beautiful the whole way. The weather was great this time of year, even though we took the northern route. We went straight east thru Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Then we dropped down southeast thru Wyoming, South Dakota, and Iowa. Finally we went straight east from Kansas City to St. Louis. Seeing the magnificence of creation touches something in the soul (even of one who has Asperger's.) I needed a fresh breath into my lungs. It didn't hurt that it was in the form of the Rockies, the Badlands, and the Great Plains. So, as terrible as the mileage and time was, the trip was healing.

Second, I feel like the prodigal son. Sure, my birthplace and home is Albuquerque. I will always love mountains, green and red chiles, dry heat, and hot air balloons. Yet my adulthood has primarily been in Missouri. From 18-25, only about a year total was not in Missouri. As such, even though I never wanted it to happen, I feel a stronger tie now to Missouri than to anywhere else. I fought that for so long, but with that amount of time spent in one place the connection is inevitable. Coming back I now feel like the runaway son who is now being lavished upon (as prodigal means, in case you were unaware) by our extremely supportive friends and family. Friends and family here that we seemingly ran away from, whether when we moved to Albuquerque, or when we moved to Seattle instead of St. Louis. We have had so much help and prayers it is overwhelming and we are so grateful.

I may decide to post some of my theological quandaries that came out of the long trip in a future post, but for now, I leave you with this. As we get settled, I am hunting for new jobs. Though, I am aiming for my next job to actually be the start of a career. At 27 with a family I am tired of floating around. Please pray that the right position lines up. 
Much love,

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