Monday, December 14, 2015

Paris Agreement

The past few days one of the largest gatherings of countries occurred. The whole purpose was to devise a better plan to care for the environment than the Kyoto Protocol. From initial reports, is is more promising than Kyoto but less legally binding than some would prefer. While these may or may not be true, what concerns me is the reaction of the public. I am most troubled by those who couldn't care less because they think climate change is a farce. While I am definitely on the side that believes it exists, I concede there is a possibility that at present it does not. However, my question for those who disbelieve and in turn disagree with the Paris Agreement (or any similar attempt to lower emissions) is this: Who cares? Who cares if at present there may or may not be climate change? 

The fact is our actions and industry are most definitely destroying the environment. While this may not currently directly affect you, it will affect your kids, grandkids, cousins, friends, etc. To not consider the ramifications of greenhouse gases is not only to ignore the problem, it is selfish. Whether you live in a sprawling city or a country hideaway, eventually you will see the effects. Weather is more severe in all areas of the world. From pole to pole and east to west, not one area has not seen a shift in patterns. Now, again, there are those that say the world is going through normal 25 year cycles. Yet, the statistics show otherwise. I think one reason people don't accept the fact of climate change is the seeming misnomer of global warming. 

However, that is exactly what is occurring and causing torrential downpours and plenty of snow in my hometown of Albuquerque, increased tornadoes all over the USA, and melting ice sheets. I know I will not convince anyone, even with all the stats of NASA, NOAA, the CDC and others combined. However, again, I please with you. For future generations sake, do your part. Support the Paris Agreement. Recycle and compost wisely. Lower petroleum and plastics usage. Bike to work! Invest in solar, regardless of your location. Every little bit helps create a better hope for the future of our little blue marble. Now, specifically to those who claim to not only follow Jesus but any who claim to hold the writings of Moses as holy: We are called to care for the planet. Not destroy it. Let's lead the initiative to renew the earth.

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