Saturday, January 9, 2016

Imagine War

Recently as I was utilizing my writing prompt book, I was asked to imagine us being at war with another country for fourteen years. Now, it also asked for me to write a love story intertwined with this war. My first thought was not for the love story. Rather, my thought was that I wished I had to imagine us being at war with another country for fourteen years. As of this past September, that is precisely what has happened with the Middle East, specifically Afghanistan. As a member of the autism spectrum, processing emotions is difficult. Previously, this fact of 14 years at war would be logically frustrating, but maybe not much more. However as Casey and others have helped me with emotion identification, I start reacting more. As I try to comprehend this, my heart hurts. I still haven't figured out how to accurately explain this, but it is as if my heart is literally tightening or being squeezed. As a Christian, this seemingly unending war breaks my heart. Yet I would also like to believe that even if I were not a Christian, I would be equally heartbroken, or at least tired, of the conflict. I do not pretend to know the best way to end the conflict in Afghanistan or anywhere else. As most of you know my stance is non-passive non-violence.

As I write this I am actually reading a book called Reborn on the Fourth of July by Logan Mehl-Laituri who was a Forward Observer for the US Army in Iraq when he decided to become a Conscientious Objector but remain in the service as a Non-combatant. I'm only halfway through, but I would recommend you read his perspective. (While I would hope you take me seriously for my convictions as I study the Word, I know you will more likely respect the experience of an actual serviceman.) I am convinced that the only end to all conflict is through non-violence and if necessary literal laying down of lives in showing love to the enemies. Many see non-violence as cowardly, but to love your enemy and to be willing to die for them and your family without fighting back is anything but weak. The world may view this as foolish, but the Scripture seems to be full of counter-cultural actions and logic.

Until this war and all wars end, I will continue praying and begging (and occasionally demand) God for peace.

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